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Le Nature's
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Road Trip to Boston - Great Photos  
NYC Protest for Peace - Go Nader   Beau's High School Graduation

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RNC War Protest Documentary Tour Jay's room in a Funeral Home One week in Jay's England room compressed into 30 seconds

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Tinkering Studio, a Single Point of Huge Inspiration 28 Nov
Beautiful Drawdio Remix 13 Sep
UC Santa Cruz Radio Interview 10 Jul
Jodi Made Us Matching Pants/Hat 4 May
Google Science Fair Video Featuring Lifelong Kindergarten 24 Mar

Which one isn't real produce? 6 Oct
Solar Eclipse Behind Me (at Maker Faire) 8 Jun
Why I live in SF: yoga in the airport 6 Jun
Blue Ridge Butterflies abound after Rain at Yogaville 2 May
Solar Path Light Scavenged Missing Pole, I Fixed with Stick-Tripod/Duct Tape 14 Apr

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months. ~Oscar Wilde
Jay Silver has faith that being a romantic is of the utmost importance. Some other names for romance are: spontaneity, silliness, truth, punk, civil disobedience, oneness, empathy...

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