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How to Build a Stripper Pole

Home Made Dancing Pole for under $100

Printable Instructions
Stripper Pole Schematic

Stripper Pole Parts
  • Go to your favorite hardware store
  • Buy one steel plumbing pipe (for the pole) with threads on the bottom. It should be the height of your ceiling minus 5 inches and around 1 3/4 inches in diameter. They'll cut it for you at places like H. Depot. This will not be a shiny mirror color like some professional stripper poles.
  • Get a flange to screw the pole into. A flange is a strong base piece that you can screw the pole into and then bolt down to the bottom piece of wood.
  • Get the four nuts, bolts, and washers to attach the flange to the bottom of the stripper pole base.
  • Plywood usually comes in 4'x8', so get one of those and get them to cut it in half (again, they'll do that at H. Depot for you).
  • Get 12' worth of 2"x6" board. Cut it into two 4' pieces, one 1' piece, and two 1 1/2' pieces.
  • You'll want a drill with a bit the same size as the bolts for the flange.
  • Get some 2 1/2" nails or whatever you have lying around. You might also want a hammer or your brother's head.
  • If you want the pole to be more sturdy, get a bunch of bricks or flat-cinder-blocks to put in the base.

    Stripper Pole Assembly
  • Drill 4 holes in the center of one of the plywood panels and the 1' piece of 2"x6" for the flange to get bolted onto.
  • Bolt the flange onto the 1' 2"x6" and the plywood panel panel with the bolts coming up through the bottom, so that the nuts get tightened on to the flange, and put washers between the head of the bolt and the plywood to keep the bolts from pulling through the wood (see figure 2). From the bottom up the sandwich should look like this: heads of bolts, washers, bottom of plywood, 2"x6", flange, nuts, tails of bolts.
  • Nail the two 4' long 2"x6" onto the bottom piece of plywood (the one with the flange attached). Put them at the edge of the plywood and on opposite sides.
  • Nail the two 1 1/2' long 2"x6" in the middle of the plywood as in the figures. They should butt up against the 1' piece of 2"x6", although they are standing tall, and it is lying on its side.
  • Now cut a hole in the exact center of the other piece of plywood the same diameter as the pole. You can do this with a special drill bit made to cut holes or you can just keep drilling holes in a cirlce till the middle falls out.
  • Finally, nail the top piece of plywood with the hole in it onto the 2"x6" so that it matches up over the bottom plywood.
  • Screw the pole into the flange.
  • Put the bricks into the openings on the side to weigh down the base. The farther towards the edge the bricks are the better leverage they'll get to weigh down the base.

    If your pole is any good this is what will happen:

    Amber's Hotel Stripper Pole Party Pix

    amber followd the how to build a stripper pole instructions she made her own dancing pole she threw a party in a hotel room you can build a pole too

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    Improvement: spinning pole

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  • Feedback

    Here's some of the feedback I've received from this page. Please contact me if anyone has any more feedback or if you've built your own stripper pole.

    From Malinda 1/26/08
    Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for your info on the net about how to make a stripper pole, my husband and I used your site as a guid to what we made. I also wanted to tell you, that you can make this pole spin, this is what we did. We went to the hard were store and got a nipple and we put that inside the flank, then we put the pole inside of that so that it touches the bottom of the stage, ( it is not screwed in) then we got a piece of PVC pipe and painted it,and sealed it with poleyutathine ( how ever u spell that ) We put the PVC pipe over the steel rod and greesed the bottom. You gust want to make sure that the PVC pipe only goes over the rod and stops and the flank it does not go inside the stage. Also as far as the top goes, we also went to the hardware store and got a threaded rod to fit inside the top of the pole to build tension, and we got a non slip cap to put over top the rod so it can touch the celling, the cap is just one of thoese caps you can get at wal-mart to put on the bottom of a chair.

    From Becky, Saginaw, Michigan, 11/21/06
    Hi there, my friends and I built a pole this past weekend for out girls / boys weekend. You see the girls went to an all male review at the bar and wanted the pole for the after party and I ordered two female strippers to come entertain all the guys while we were away. I haven't gotten all the pictures back but I am attaching three, one from my camera phone and the others from my digital camera. Everyone had a great time and those that didn't come were jealous that they missed out. Thanks for the instructions, although with all the use ours got, we are going to have to make some adjustments to the base where the pole bolts in. Apparently its not made for a 200lb guy to be swinging on for long periods of time. We all had a blast, thanks again!
    becky's stripper poleBecky's Checker Floor Stripper Polehow to make a lighted stripper pole

    Thanks Becky,
    That's amazing. I haven't had anyone swing on it that was over 180 lbs, and even when they swung it wasn't for a long time. So yeah sorry it broke. Let me know what happens with the repairs.
    Lots o Love, Jay

    From FEZ, 9/20/05
    I was thnking about it for less the 24hrs when I ran into your web site and then everythng came clear, I had to make a few adjustments to the design for my own extra enjoyment but your basic idea is there, thanks for answering some questions I had.
    ps.: I'm 160 and I was swinging on the top of a 7ft pole and there was only the flex of the pole for movement, no instabily of the box at all...

    build your own dancing pole (Felipe)make a dancer pole (Fez's GF???)

    From Karusia and Alan, Canada, 8/4/05
    Hi, My boyfriend and I were delighted to find your plans for a pole platform on the web. We added a few of our own ideas and built our own. Here are some pix and mini videos that show the results. Thought you'd get a kick out of it. Our pole comes out and the platform can be stored sideways, so it is semi-portable. I love it. Enjoy.
    Karusia and Alan

    how to make a stripper pole (Karusia)how to build a stripper pole (Karusia)

    Hey Karusia,
    Wow, how tall was the pole you built? It looks like 12 ft. Was it sturdy swinging from the top? I have never seen pictures of yoga and pole dancing on the same page before. It must be an ancient Hindu technique.

    Hi Jay,
    The pole is 10 feet long and it is stainless steel with a brushed finish, 1 3/4 inches in diameter (since I have small paws and fall right off the standard 2 inchers). The platform is 8 1/2 inches high and the floor is 4 foot X 4 foot. I confess I have not swung around at the top yet, but my 21 year old son has shimmied to its heights successfully. There is a bit of play in the pole the further you get from the base, but I feel completely stable. I have practised on the free-standing Platinum Stages model and there is definitely vibration in their pole too, so it's normal. I am happy to have you link to my site and pix, I have certainly enjoyed the info you have shared. I will write again with more feedback on the directions and our info. My boyfriend is the master engineer in this domain. Yes, yoga and pole dancing, a natural tantric combo...The concentration and breathing really help when you go upside down on a steel pipe!

    From Chris Austin, California, 6/29/05
    Thanks for your help!!!
    I wanted to start by saying Thank You for your web page that you have on "How to make a stripper pole". I made my first pole & stage based on your directions that I found on the net. I modified your design and added a few cosmedic touches to my design. I attached a few photos from the early part of the evening. Later on clothing came off and the pole was used to it's full potential. Those photos are under lock and key. If anyone ever needs help they can contact me at my shop through my web site

    Nice modifications. How did you do it? Did you paint the wood or add a layer of something?

    We used the same material that is used to build road cases for musicians. 1/8" laminated abs plywood for the sides. The top is stained and sealed plywood also used for road cases, I build fligh/road cases in my shop and between your design and mine. Out came a superstar stage!

    From Daniel, AZ, 3/7/05
    I was about to build the stripper pole that you had posted instructions to build. I was curious if you attatched the top of the pole to the ceiling at all, or if the base with weight in it was enough to stop it from falling over? Any advice on this you could give me on this would be great. Thanx!


    Hey! The top of the pole isn't attached to the ceiling anywhere, though if
    you have a sturdy ceiling there's no reason you couldn't do that. Since we
    didn't build the pole at our own house, there was no way we were bolting
    into the ceiling without a fight.

    Our pole has "flat" cinder blocks in the hollow base (you can use anything
    that's heavy). It didn't tip over even when guys swung on it ~ 180 pounds.
    Although our pole was only 8 ft. tall.


    From Amber, Brevard County FL, 2/12/05
    Hey Jay-
    I came to your Cosmo party with my friends Meg and Megan (That's me in the gray shirt sitting on Drunken Claus' lap). I had a great time dancing with all of the girls on your homemade pole, and I was glad to find that you had instructions for building one on your site. I hosted a lingerie party last night and I wanted to send you some pictures of the crazy fiasco. Thanks for the directions!!!

    Hey Amber,
    Yeah I totally remember you. It was so much fun! Thanks for coming. I like Megan and Meg. I don't ever get to see them anymore since I moved to Boston. Those freekin pictures are awesome! You built your own pole. That is so wacky that you're the second person now who built a pole off those instructions. So wonderful. I'm posting your pictures below.
    Keep it happenin in Brevard,


    From Amber, 2/13/05
    Hey Jay-
    I thought your party was great too. I met a lot of cool, interesting people, just when I had given up on the possibility of meeting any in the entire state. Meg and Megan both had nothing but nice things to say about you before the party, and they were right. You were way cool, and I am glad I got a chance to meet you (and your bro, girlfriend, ect.).
    So, yeah, I built the pole with minor assistance from the guys at Home Depot. It's amazing how quickly they help you when they know what you are building. I had 4-5 middle aged balding men waiting me the entire time I was there. It was quite humorous. None of the instructions were confusing, and the schematic portion really helps. The only difficult part about the pole was getting it into the hotel room without anyone seeing it. We had a blast, and you can definitely post those pictures on your website.
    Stay warm-

    From Brenda, New Orleans, 1/14/05
    I just wanted to thank you for the advice you posted on your website about how to construct a stripper pole. I've been thinking about buying one of those removable ones, but they run about $300. I was impressed with the party run down, too. I didn't think you guys up North could party. If you and your friends ever happen to come down to New Orleans and need a tour guide to show you how to really party, just email me. Although, going to sleep at 3:30 is unacceptable considering the bars don't close until sunrise. Thanks again for the information. I'll try and build it this weekend. If it works, I might even send some pictures of some new tricks I learn. Have a good weekend!

    Thanks Brenda,
    Glad y'all are holding down the crazyfort in New Orleans. I'll post pictures of your pole here if you send me some.

    From Erik Tiedeman, 9/12/07
    Hey I don't know if you still post up pictures on your site, but I used your instructions and built my own. i have some pictures here you are welcome to post up onto your site. Thanks for the directions!!

    Wow people are still using these directions. That's great. I never thought the word "stripper pole" would be such a popular search term for a website of mine. Life is full of surprises. Glad you found it helpful. See you,