Jay S. Silver



Seeking 2006 summer position with an organization that has high values. Community, non-profit, and education

are a plus though not a must. Military and weapons are a no-no. Pay is deemphasized.



MIT – Ph.D candidate in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science                            9/2004 – current            

Topic: Educational and affective technologies and computer vision



Cambridge University – Master’s in Computer Speech, Text, & Internet Tech.             9/2002 – 8/2003             

Thesis: Data Classification – Bayes’, SVM, Minimax Probability Machine              


Georgia Institute of Technology                                                                                              9/1998 – 5/2002             

Major: Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering                                                                            Total GPA: 3.955/4.0

Specialization: Digital Signal Processing                                                                                Major GPA: 4.0/4.0

Minor: Industrial/Organizational Psychology


Work Experience

Employer: Florida Metropolitan University                                                                                     Melbourne, FL

Position: Statistics Professor                                                                                                           1/2004 – 4/2004

Motivate & teach intro. statistics to students from varied backgrounds. Create pedagogical accessories


Employer: Dr. Bill Ross, Lincoln Laboratory                                                                                   Lexington, MA

Position: Computer Vision Graduate Summer Researcher                                                        5/2002 – 8/2002

Prototype a mobile autonomous navigation system: space variant and mult. res. vision, shortest path to goal


Employer: Bob Morton, Georgia Tech – Freshman Experience Program                                    Atlanta, GA

Position: Learning Assistant (tutor)                                                                                               9/2001 – 5/2002

Helping freshmen students learn calculus, chemistry, physics, computer science, and regular life problems


Employer: Professor William Schafer, U. Cal. San Diego Bio. Dept.                                            San Diego, CA

Position: Image Processing Consultant and Undergraduate Research Assistant                  5/2001 – 8/2001

Development of nematode behavior quantification system in C and MATLAB using PCA and comp. vision


Employer: Professor Ronald Schafer, Georgia Tech EE Dept.                                                      Atlanta, GA

Position: Undergraduate Research Assistant                                                                                9/2000 – 5/2002

Analyze nematode tracking problems and algorithms in C++ using image processing and morphology


Employer: Professor Rena Brakebill, Georgia Tech Math Department                                        Atlanta, GA

Position: Teaching Assistant for Calculus                                                                                     9/2000 – 12/2000

Teach recitation and hold office hours to assist students in understanding lectures             9/2001 – 12/2001


Employer: BellSouth                                                                                                                            Melbourne, FL

Position: Network Specialist                                                                                                             6/1999 – 5/2000

Secondary network design with copper, fiber, DSL, Pair Gain, etc.


Volunteer Experience


Sivananda Yoga Teacher                    Traditional Hatha Yoga                                                       2004 – Present

One on One Tutoring                         Many Subjects, more than 1000 hours                             1996 – Present

Video Spot 1 Host                                College T.V. Network Music Video Show                        2000 – 2002

Camp Counselor                                  Recreation Center Day Camp, 3 weeks                             1998

Soccer Coach                                       12 & Under Rec. Soccer League, 2 seasons                    1997-1998



National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow (2003-present), Gates Scholarship for tuition and

stipend to study computer speech at Cambridge University (2002), Georgia Tech Engineer of the Year

(2002), Intel Microprocessor Research Labs Grant (2001) and 2nd place in Intel national undergraduate research contest

 (2002), International Engineering Consortium Award for Student Excellence (2002), 1st place in The Mechanical Challenge

 (2001), Cravey Green Wahlen Schol. (2001), British Marshall Schol. finalist (2001), ECE General Schol. (2000), Holman

and Hazel Smitha Schol. (1999-2000), Lewis H. Jordan Schol. (1998-2000), Smith-Turner Schol. (1998-2000), George

F. Dowman Schol. (1998-1999), Robert S. Neblett Schol. (1998-1999), Jack Phinizy Schol. (1998), Sidney Goldin Schol.

(1998), & 1st in class Satellite High (1998).